All jewelry needs a bit of care

We purchase high-quality metals and use high-quality electroplating. In other words, fashion jewelry (including gold-plated, 925 sterling silver and expensive jewelry brands) will show normal wear and tear over time.

In order to prolong the life of your jewelry, please give it a break from time to time and keep it away from moisture and creams. With proper care and attention, your gold-plated parts will glow longer:

  • Avoid sweat
  • Gently wipe the gold-plated jewelry with a soft jewelry cloth to restore its luster. After each use, please clean your jewelry with a cotton ball or a very soft cloth to remove dust.
  • Avoid sleeping in your jewelry
  • Avoid chemicals, wait for hand and face creams to absorb completely before putting on any jewelry (chemicals in creams are one of the main culprits).
  • Avoid bathing, swimming, showering, using lotion, cosmetics or perfume or washing your hands with jewelry on.

Jewelry care for delicate items (2mm) bracelet/collar/anklet:

This item is delicate, please only pull it straight, do not twist it when you opening or closing the clasp or the links may snap.

How to store your jewelry

  • Jewelry should be stored in a protective(lined) jewelry box or rust-proof pouch. Please keep the jewelry away from direct sunlight, heat or humidity.
  • It can also be stored in a plastic zipper bag made of polyethylene.
  • Do not use polyvinyl plastic bags(such as trash can linings), because they contain sulfur compounds or rubber containers. These containers will make the jewelry tarnish faster.
  • Do not store jewelry in the bathroom or any humid places.
  • Please note that our jewelry bags come along with the package are not suitable for long-term storage, because they are not breathable and will gradually lose their luster over time.

What makes my skin turns green?

Have you ever had your ring finger turned a green finger, or wonder why some people say that the ring finger turned a green finger? The reason this happens is due to the metal content in the ring.

Don’t worry too much because the green disappears after a few hours, and it won’t harm you. The reason your skin turns green is actually a normal reaction from the metal content in the jewelries.

Although green staining can come from many different types of jewelry, including high and low quality, but lower quality jewelry is more likely to cause a stain.  Please always pay attention to the materials of your jewelry to avoid the green fingers.

Even silver and gold jewelry can produce skin discoloration, so advice for avoiding a green finger isn’t as simple as just avoiding cheap jewelry. However, certain metals are less likely to turn green than others. You should have good luck with stainless steel jewelry, platinum jewelry, and rhodium-plated jewelry, which includes nearly all white gold.

Also, you’ll greatly reduce the chance of any ring turning your finger green if you take care to keep soap, lotions, and other chemicals away from your ring. Remove your rings before bathing or swimming, especially in saltwater.

How to prevent it?

You can apply a polymer coating to their rings to act as a barrier between your skin and the metal of the jewelry. Nail polish is one option(you can also try with other possible polymer barrier options). Be aware that you’ll need to reapply the coating from time to time since it will wear away.